Scare Eye Bird Diverters-5 pk

Scare Eye Bird Diverters-5 pk

Scare Eye Bird Diverters-5 pk
Part Number: B44 MMSED5
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Reflective Eye Diverters are visual deterrents used to scare pest birds away from trees, patios, gardens, and more. Each pack of five will provide ample coverage for trees or bushes up to 7 ft in diameter. The iridescent predator eye pattern creates the illusion of a large bird of prey scanning the area for food, invoking the "flight" response in pest birds. This product is effective on all bird species and has been designed to hold up to all different types weather, both warm and cold. The light weight design prevents damage to tree branches or shrubs.
  • Easy to hang in problem areas.
  • Iridescent foil eye that SCARES BIRDS AWAY!
  • Weight: 0.25lbs.

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